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Saul Bellow
Collected Stories
Penguin Books, 2001

Yes, Rexler, the man who wote a those books on theater and cinema in Weimar Germany, the author of Postwar Berlin and the controversial study of Bertol Brecht. Quite an old man now, it turns out, tough you wouldn't have guessed it from is work, physically handicapped - not disabled, only slightly crippled in adolescence by infantile paralysis. You picture a tal man when you rea him, and his actual short, stooped figure is something of a surprise. You don't expect the author of those swift sentences to have an abrupt neck,a long jaw, and aknot-back. But these are minor items, and in conversation with him you quickl forget his disabilities.


The reader will open his heart and mind to a writer who understood this - has understood because in his person he has gone trough it all, has experienced the same privations; who knows where the sore spots are; who has discerned the power of the need to come back to the level on one's true human destiny. Such a writer wil trouble no one with his one vanities, will make no unnecessary gestures, indulge himself in no mannerisms, waste no reader's time. He will write as short as he can.
I offer this brief appendix to the stories in this volume.



juntem-se a esta sociedade de bloggers;)

cresçam connosco!

boas escolhas já li bastantes

e naked lunch de burroughs?

e the food of the gods de mckenna?




... adorei este blog... :) parabéns... ideia genial...

It's a great idea to leave the middle unturned, for it is in the middle that the plot rests.

i dont know nothing about this author
tá bem? ou tem muitos erros sr. pofexor?

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