o princípio turco

Moris Farhi
Young Turks
Saqi Books, 2004

1: Rifat
In the Beginning

In the beginning, there is Death.
All creatures meet it at birth. Animals never forget the encounter. With very few exceptions, we humans always do, even tough we haggle with it several times a day. This commerce is never conducted with the brain or the heart, as we might expect, but with the genitals. The tinglings we feel between our legs are not always caused by sexual desire or fear. Mostly, they document our negotiations withe the Clattering Skeleton.


13: Aşık Ahmet
Go like Water, Come Like Water

Death stirs again, my child. Her portal is glistening with dew. What a glourious sight! Any minute now this âşık, this lover, will witness the Godhead.
She's letting me have one final cigarette. Time for last words.
Home truth two: Don't be fooled when people tell their cultures and civilisations are superior to yours. Such paranoia afflicts much of European and the US. Just remember every culture, every civilisation, every literature has in own splendour.
Home truth three: Remember you can neither change your roots nor transplant them. So be proud of them. Relish them.
Home truth four: Be a Loving Man. Always. And to everybody.
Home truth five: You went like water. Now come back like water.
The cigarette is finished. She is wrapping her legs around me ...
Farewell, my child, my dear, dear child ...


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